Personalized Coaching Options: $60/hour
          Options Include:  
              - Assessment
              - Personalized Meal Plan
              - Food Label Review 
              - 7-day Personalized Meal Plan and Coaching: $60

NEW!!!  Weight Loss Guide: $99/person
          - A do-it yourself guide on nutrition and exercise to create a 

          healthy lifestyle to lose weight and keep the pounds off.

          - Add a 1-hour guide kickoff: Only $50

          - Additional Coaching: $50/hour

10-week Weight Loss Challenge 

          - $350/person

          - $600/couple or 3 for $900

          - 4 or more: $275/person


              - PROVEN weight loss program
              - Coaching from a Certified Weight Loss Coach & Personal Trainer
              - Weekly meetings with your Team and Coach
              - Goal-setting and tracking

              - Regular Progress checks and tracking of Weight and Body Composition
              - Healthy competition within yourself and your Team.

              - Must register together to receive discount.
              - Private Sessions hosted at our Chaparral Gym or at your location additional $100.

Our Weight Loss Programs are design to be fun and provide a spirit of motivation, camaraderie and support.  Pricing for private groups is dependent on Group Size.  

These Services are covered by some Employer Health Benefits.  Check to see if you are covered!


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