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Weight Loss

About 3 years into my running career, having completed 3 half marathons with a PR under 2 hours, I realized that running alone was not the answer to my doctor’s concerns about weight.  Running 25-30 miles a week was not pulling the weight off. 

Frustrated and not clear where to turn, I found that I had to educate myself.  Scientific words like Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat and Calories needed to become something that I understood, rather than something I would smile and nod about in conversation.  Simple sugars and simple things like this were something that I failed to understand.  Rather than running, identifying the need to learn and understand nutrition was the key step in the right direction.

From mid October 2008 to the end of January 2009, my shape transformed from an obese BMI to the normal range.  My wardrobe appeared to grow larger than me more each day that passed.  I found that my training suffered, and I was not able to do the 25-30 mile weeks, but rather 15-mile weeks.  That was ok, because the focus was on the weight loss process.  Increasing my endurance or speed could wait, and would be easier if I weighed less.  I was committed to understanding and managing the things I ate, as hard as it was some days.  The key was to eat the healthy things I liked, cut the unhealthy things I could live without, and recognize portion size.  Exercise was an important supplement to the process. 

What I found in this quick turning point of my life was that with a little understanding of my food, and a lot of commitment to the process, my life path was forever changed.  Today, I have more confidence and energy and I smile more…the biggest is for my son who doesn’t remember dad to be obese.

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