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Running Programs:


Customized Personal Running Programs


       - First Month: $100
       - Additional Months: $75

       - Weekly Programming: $40/week

       - Consult: $60 / hour


Find the Finish Line: 5K Programs


     - Generic Training Plan: $100 (2-month Plan)
       (includes in-person Coaching once per week for groups of

         5 or more)

     - Progressive Customized Plan: $200 (2.5-month Plan)
       (Includes 1 month of Remote Coaching)

Personalized Walking Programs

(for those wishing to prepare for 5K Training)

     - 2-month Progressive Plan: $150   















Programs are planned to accommodate your schedule.  Training is incorporated so that you don’t have to miss out on the things you LOVE, like kids softball games, ballet class, etc. and even vacations.

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