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Injury, Sugery & Comeback

Given enough time, everyone will encounter setbacks.  The year 2013 dealt unprecedented obstacles for me in the form of injuries.  Months of missed training runs fueled my determination that this was not the end of my running career. 

The year started out with the taper phase for my first attempt at a double.  A half marathon Saturday followed by a full marathon Sunday at the Walt Disney World Goofy Race and a Half Challenge.  Two weeks prior to race weekend, I injured my patella (knee).  Despite the setback, I recovered as best I could and completed a slow double. 

Months of recovery exercises had me ready to run the Colorado Marathon with a high school friend in May.  A great way to celebrate Cinqo de Mayo, the worst was behind me, I thought.

Training continued and my fitness and speed improved as I looked forward to a late July marathon and my entry into NYC marathon.  I had waited for 3 years to get into NYC Marathon and this year it was going to happen.

Unfortunately in July, an accident left me severely injured, and requiring surgery.  Marathon plans for 2013 were cancelled.  NYC would have to wait.  After months of waiting, surgery was successful in December.  Three weeks later, I was cleared to run again, but only slowly.

Training continued, distances increased, speed slowly developed.  Although not as fast as I was before the accident, on May 3 and 4, 2014 I completed another double: the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon (half marathon) followed by Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon.  Fighting back tears, I knew the comeback was here.  I went on to run 7 marathons that year including one Ultramarathon, 4 marathons in 22 days, and yes I completed NYC!  I was back indeed!  Heart had won over adversity.


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