Live Healthy, Live Proud!

First Race

Just 4 short months after my first steps as a runner, I suited up in my 1980’s sweatpants and headed out for my first race.  It’s a day I’ll never forget.   I picked up my friend who had become my running mentor over that summer and we headed to the start line.  Proudly adorning my race number on my chest, I was feeling a little like I lost a bet.  Nerves lead to the hunt for porta potties before the start!

My first race was special, a 10K held on September 11 that year.  The thoughts of the victims fueled me.  No matter how much it hurt, at least I was able to run this rainy day.  The spirit at the start line was electric like every race I’ve been at since.  The middle was torture, because like any newbie, I had not accurately assessed my goal time.  I toughed it out with a sprint to the Finish Line.  I had done it…and I was hooked on the spirit of the race.

Today I am thankful to my mentor for sticking with me and introducing me to the comeradery of the running community.  I have been fortunate to have gained hundreds of friends all over Canada and the USA, from all walks of life, because “We are all runners”.  

Training, tapering, carbo-loading and racing:  the things that bind our friendships.   All of us addicted to the energy of the processes.  The spirit at a race culminates with the emotion at the Finish Line of a Marathon.  Experience it, even as an observer, and you’ll agree.


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