Live Healthy, Live Proud!

The Beginning

As I prematurely ripened into an old man early in my 30’s , I realized that I needed to do something.  Here I was with a young family and my health had never been a priority. 

Spring 2005 saw a move to a new, vibrant area of the city and inspiration abounded.  All around kids were playing outside, bike riders zinged by, people walked dogs, strollers lined the streets.  Why couldn’t I participate?  I’d always wanted to try running, this seemed like the perfect time. 

Perfect, until that first run!  My goal was to run one mile!  I drove to my turnaround point at half a mile and made a mental note, “Just get here, then redo each step to get back home”.  Simple, I could do this! 

Ready, Set, GO!  Then SLOW!  Then OMG, where is that turnaround?!  That day, I made it a total of almost ¾ of a mile, ALMOST!  A total of almost 19 minutes of previously unexperienced effort left me wondering if running a mile was even possible.  The hardest run was that second run, not because it was physically tougher, but because the memory of the first day remained fresh in my mind.  That second day I proudly ran the WHOLE mile.

Days, months, years passed.  Recently I ran that same ¾-mile (almost) to celebrate my 10th anniversary running.  My son joined me, having no memory of Dad as a Couch Potato.  I looked at his face as we finished that run and hid my tears, knowing they aren’t all easy, but they are all worth it.


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